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Youth are the future of our rabbit and cavy hobbies and that of the the WSRBA. Here you will find info on outstanding youth achievements as well as access to our Youth Scholarship forms and Youth Contest Guidelines. We hope you get involved and join in the FUN!


Click here to view 2016 ARBA Youth Contest Results.
(Pics coming soon!)





4-H is 4 You!

Many of our youth members are also involved in the Washington 4-H Program. 4-H membership is consistent with the goals of the WSRBA Youth Committee and we often include 4-H Youth Rabbit Clubs in conjunction with our Open All Breed Shows.

Here is where you can find all the info on the WSRBA State Youth Royalty Contests! The WSRBA Royalty Contests were organized to acknowledge EXCELLENCE among WSRBA Youth members in attendance at the annual State Shows and Convention; to allow these members to demonstrate a working knowledge of the rabbit and cavy industry; to explore critical thinking skills, demonstrate personal initiative and provide problem-solving, decision-making and goal-setting activities for all participating youth members.

In order to be eligible for Royalty titles and/or scholarships, applicants must be a current Washington State resident and member of the WSRBA at the time of entry and participation. However, the WSRBA welcomes out-of-state youth who wish to participate in the WSRBA Royalty Contests in order to gain experience. Out-of-state contestants ARE eligible for awards in the Individual Breed Identification and judging contests, as well as the Management and Achievement contests. They are also eligible for the Mike Uptagrafft Judging Award, which is a cash award for the overall highest placing youth in the individual judging contest. The age requirements and divisions are as follows: (Competitive divisions are based on the youth's age as of the closing day of the WSRBA State Show)

  • King and Queen - Members age 15-18 years
  • Duke and Duchess - Members age 12-14 years
  • Prince and Princess - Members age 9-11
  • Lord and Lady - Members under 9 years


For youth members who have not yet entered the WSRBA Youth Contests, but would like to, it is a good idea to check out the materials below to familiarize themselves with contest guidelines and procedures. We look forward to your participation at the 2017 WSRBA State Shows and Convention!

For questions on any of the above contests and/or forms, please contact: Aggie Mowry.



2016 WSRBA Youth Contest Photos, Etc...

Check out photos from the 2016 WSRBA Youth Contests! Click Here to access a list of this year's winners!

2016 WSRBA Court

2016 Queen - PJ Heusted

PJ Heusted - 2016 WSRBA Queen

Hello! If you are reading this then that means that I am your 2016 WSRBA Queen! My name is PJ Heusted and this is my fourth year working with rabbits and cavies. Over the past few years I have raised Mini Rex and Beveren rabbits as well as Teddy Satin and American cavies. In the past three years I have seen myself grow as a person and my project grow from being just a small hobby to seeing national success.

It all started when I bought a black Mini Rex from a rescue that I affectionately named Charmin. I then found myself interested in a local 4-H club and then in showing at ARBA shows. Through the years I have expanded my project from this one rabbit and attending local shows to taking a respectably sized show team to several shows around the country. My work with my rabbits has allowed me to win Best Opposite Youth Beveren at the 2014 ARBA Convention in addition to several Top 5 placings with Mini Rex in their classes at Conventions in the past. I also have seen success in Sweepstakes contests having been the top Youth in WSRBA points, 2nd place Youth in Beveren points, and top 10 Open Otter Mini Rex points in past years. The area of my project that I feel I have grown the most though is the Youth Contests. In the past 2 years of competing I have won age group Breed I.D. titles at state and national levels, placed on team Breed I.D. and Judging at Convention, and won the title of Duchess at WSRBA Convention, WCC, and at the ARBA Convention.

I do have a life outside of my rabbit project though. When I am not busy at shows, cleaning cages, or doing other rabbit activities I enjoy working with horses, reading, and going to concerts. I am currently training a young APHA registered gelding named Nemo in Dressage, but hope to branch out and compete in Eventing with him as he matures. Currently, I am a sophomore at Inglemoor High School as a part of the International Baccalaureate program. I enjoy the challenge of school and feel that the study habits I've learned through the Royalty program have helped me with classes.

I want to thank everyone who has helped teach me in the past years and helped me gain skills to get me to where I am in my project today and everyone who is continuing to push me to get even better. I am absolutely honored to have been named the 2016 WSRBA Queen and I am excited to compete at the ARBA Convention in San Diego in the fall.

Aaron Mahaffey - 2016 WSRBA King

Aaron Mahaffey - 2016 WSRBA King

Hello everyone, my name is Aaron Mahaffey. I am fifteen years old and I am honored to be your 2016 WSRBA King. I am currently a freshman at Kamiakin High School where I play football and I wrestle. I am a lineman on my school's football team for defense. I have been raising cavies for seven years now. I started raising cavies when I was seven and in the second grade and I have not stopped raising them, yet. I raise Americans because they are the most amazing cavy breed. I raise Americans in Silver Solids, White, Broken Color, and Tortoise Shell and White. I also raise Teddies and Teddy Satins, in the short hair cavy breeds. And I am trying to raise Texels, which is a long-haired cavy breed.

I am in a family of four and I have one older sister. We have a small farm in Franklin County, where we have horses, sheep, rabbits, cavies, cats and recently we added a puppy to the family. I get to use the Massy Ferguson tractor around the farm and I recent got my driver's permit. My uncle gave me truck to work on and hopefully drive later, when I get my driver's license.

I went to the 2015 ARBA National Show in Portland, OR and placed 3rd in Cavy Management. I went to my fourth ACBA Specialty Show, the 2016 ACBA Specialty Convention, in Ventura, CA and got to ride on my first airplane ride. I didn't show any animals at the show but I won the title of King in the Royalty completion, I am active in my 4-H where I help the others learn, I go to many shows and show my cavies. I am also very active in my church where I am a youth leader. I am also a part of Troop 911 of the Boy Scouts of America. For my local fair I raise market sheep and market rabbits. This gives me more experience with farm animals and with the sale of the animals, it helps support my cavy project.

And once again, thank you for supporting me and selecting me as your 2016 WSRBA King.

Kate Bias - 2016 WSRBA Duchess

Kate Bias - 2016 WSRBA Duchess

Hello! My name is Kate Bias and I am very honored to be your 2016 WSRBA Duchess. I am 14 years old and I live in Vancouver, Washington. I have been involved with rabbits and cavies for 5 years and counting.

I currently raise Havanas. I own a rabbitry, which I share with my twin sister, called Bias Bunny Bunch Rabbitry. I also own a Teddy and Teddy Satin cavy. I became a member of WSRBA in the March of 2015 and a member of the ARBA in the February of 2015. I am an active member in my 4-H club "Royal Rabbits" and I am a teen leader and the club Vice-President.

When I am not busy with rabbits, you can find me playing the viola in my school's orchestra, on the soccer field, or curled up with a good book. I have been playing the viola for 4 years and really enjoy learning new pieces. I currently play forward on my soccer team, Team Phoenix. I have played soccer for 7 years and hope to continue with athletics in high school.

A huge thank you to my mom, Kathy Bias, for encouraging me and to Stacey Konency for helping me get into Royalty and answering my endless questions.

Travis Rudolph - 2016 WSRBA Duke


Travis Rudolph - 2016 WSRBA Duke

Hi! My name is Travis Rudolph. I am your 2016 Washington State Rabbit Breeders Association Duke. I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade at Frontier Middle School in Graham, WA. I raise Havana's in all varieties and Black and Blue Silver Martens with my brother, Hunter. I live in Graham, WA with my Dad (Scott), brother, Hunter and my Uncle Kevin (an ARBA Judge). I enjoy showing my rabbits and competing nationally. Baseball and football are sports that I enjoy playing for my school. This was my 3rd year competing in royalty as the WSRBA Convention. Thank you for sponsoring the Royalty contest, I look forward to competing in Moses Lake, again next year!



Haley Vickers - 2016 WSRBA Princess

Haley Vickers - 2016 WSRBA Princess

Hello! My name is Haley Vickers. I live in the beautiful city of Bonney Lake, Washington. I am 11 years old and I am a 5th grader at Donald Eismann Elementary. I was the WSRBA Princess in 2015, so I am really excited to be the WSRBA Princess again for 2016! I am a member of Rainier Rabbits 4-H club, the American Rabbit Breeders Association, the American Dutch Rabbit Club, Washington State Rabbit Breeders Association, Evergreen Rabbit Breeders Association, and the Northwest Dutch Rabbit Club. All of these clubs have helped me learn and grow as a youth breeder.

I raise blue and black Dutch rabbits. I have three younger sisters and they love to hold my Dutch babies. I have owned other breeds in the past, but you can't beat the Dutch! They are very sweet rabbits and very challenging. My small herd grew into the rabbitry I now call Vine Dutch. Some people who have helped me that I want to thank are Sarah Peterson, Lisa Wittrock, Leslie Hobbs and Janet Johnson. My Dutch have done great at shows with many BOB's and BOSB's and Honorable Mentions, as well as a BOB Dutch specialty win. At National Convention I had the 3rd place blue junior buck and the 3rd place blue senior doe. I was also 3rd runner up for ARBA Princess and I was on the Washington State Team that won 1st place in breed ID. That was an exciting week in Portland! At the 2016 King County Fair I was the overall Junior Grand Champion and the Grand Champion in Junior showmanship.

I look forward to going to more shows and seeing all of my friends. Raising rabbits has brought a lot of fun friends into my life. To all the people that have been there for me, supported me, and cheered for me, thank you! I am very excited to be the 2016 WSRBA Princess!

Finn Shumway - 2016 WSRBA Prince

Finn Shumway - 2016 WSRBA Prince

Hello, my name is Finn Shumway. I live in Davenport, WA. I am 10 years old and I'm in 4th grade. I am really honored to be the WSRBA 2016 Prince. I am in a family of 6. I have two other brothers and one sister. I am in ARBA, WSRBA, IERBA, Big City 4-H Club, Davenport 4-H Club, Dwarf Hotot Club and Hopscotch Farms Rabbitry. I've been doing rabbits for 4 years now. A lot of people have helped me in my rabbit project during the last 4 years. I'd like to give a special thank you to Allison Morrison, Steve Shea, Michelle Uptagrafft, Valerie Uptagrafft, and my Mom. I couldn't have made it this far without you.

My favorite rabbit is Oreo. She is a blue Dutch Sr. doe. I've had her for three years now. She is really good for showmanship because she is calm and will stay on the table. I tried a Dwarf Hotot project this year. I am also doing a Californian project and hope to bring a meat pen to State and to the Fair. With my Californians, I'm going to start a meat business.

Going to rabbit shows is really fun. I like meeting new friends there and seeing my old friends there too. Going to 4-H meetings is fun because I learn more about my rabbits and I can help the younger kids. I want to keep doing rabbits until I can't show rabbits any more. I have been doing baseball for 5 years now. I love baseball. My favorite position is short stop. I got to be on the Majors Little League team, the Red Sox this year. I really like football. Go Seahawks! I'm in the AWANA club at my church and that's a lot of fun. Thank you for supporting youth!

I hope to see you at the next rabbit show.

Abby Forrester - 2016 WSRBA Lady



Abby Forrester - 2016 WSRBA Lady

My name is Abby Forrester. I am 6 years old and am in kindergarten. I live in Richland, Washington and am in the Rada Rabbits and Cavies 4-H Club. My sisters have had rabbits for a few years, but this is my first year having my own rabbit. I'm so happy to be the WSRBA Lady. I like school and singing and playing with my Dutch and sisters' sheep. 4-H is my favorite thing to do.




Hunter Rudolph - 2016 WSRBA Lord


Hunter Rudolph - 2016 WSRBA Lord

Hi! My name is Hunter Rudolph. I am your 2016 Washington State Rabbit Breeders Association Lord. I'm 8 years old and am in the 2nd grade at Graham Elementary School in Graham, WA. I raise Black and Blue Silver Martens, Havana's in all varieties with my brother, Travis and have a I Netherland Dwarf. I live in Graham, WA with my Dad (ARBA Registrar), brother, Travis and Uncle (ARBA Judge). I hope to one day be an ARBA Judge. This was my second time competing in Royalty at the WSRBA Convention. This summer I will be competing in my 1st season for the Bethel Braves Youth Football Organization and I also played baseball in the spring. Thank you WSRBA for sponsoring the Royalty contest, I look forward to competing again next year!



2016 Mike Uptagrafft Judging Contest Winner - Amy Kovich

Satin/Mini Satin & Himalayan Trios Contests

Satin/Mini Satin and Himalayan Trio Contest Winners

2016 WSRBA Youth Contest Results

WSRBA LORD - Hunter Rudolph
1st RUNNER UP - Emmett Shumway
2nd RUNNER UP - Dakota Wolfe
3rd RUNNER UP - William Lizard

WSRBA LADY - Abby Forrester
1st RUNNER UP- Elsie LuBean
2nd RUNNER UP- Lydia LuBean

WSRBA PRINCE - Finn Shumway
1st RUNNER UP-Andrew Bowman
2nd RUNNER UP- Aiden Wolfe

WSRBA PRINCESS - Haley Vickers
1st RUNNER UP- Francesca Terrones
2nd RUNNER UP- Bella Stouffer
3rd RUNNER UP - Carmella Terrones
4th RUNNER UP - AbbyKienholz

WSRBA DUKE - Travis Rudolph

1st RUNNER UP- Kaitlin Smith
2nd RUNNER UP- Alina Adams
3rd RUNNER UP - Sarah Kovich
4th RUNNER UP - Chloe Carpenter

WSRBA KING - Aaron Mahaffey
1st RUNNER UP- Hunter Coss
2nd RUNNER UP- Andrew Kienholz

1st RUNNER UP- Elizabeth Sandy
2nd RUNNER UP- Ashley Mahaffey
3rd RUNNER UP - Natalie Sanchez
4th RUNNER UP - Grethe Steensgaard

RABBIT (1 to 20 Holes) - Elizabeth Sandy
2nd - Finn Shumway
3rd - Madeline Shumway
4th - Bailie Shultz
5th - Abby Forrester

RABBIT (21 to 50 Holes) - Kaitlin Smith
2nd - Alina Adams
3rd - Melinda Piekstra
4th - Sarah Kovich
5th - Alexis Maund

RABBIT (51 holes and over) - PJ Heusted
2nd - Andrew Bowman

CAVY - Kaitlin Smith
2nd - Aaron Mahaffey
3rd - Amy Kovich
4th - Ashly Mahaffey

2nd - Kaitlin Smith
3rd - Alina Adams
4th - Melinda Piekstra
5th - Sarah Kovich

8 and Under - Abby Forrester
2nd - Emmett Shumway
3rd - William Lizard
4th - Dakota Wolfe
5th - Hunter Rudolph

9 to 11 - Finn Shumway
2nd - Bella Stouffer
3rd - Andrew Bowman
4th - Francesca Terrones
5th - Adam Wolfe

12 to 14 - Kaitlin Smith
2nd - Peyton Brackenbury
3rd - Sarah Kovich
4th - Chloe Carpenter
5th - Alina Adams

15 to 18 - Melinda Piekstra
2nd - PJ Heusted
3rd - Elizabeth Sandy
4th - Madeline Shumway
5th - Aaron Mahaffey

OVERALL WINNER - Kaitlin Smith
2nd - Peyton Brackenbury
3rd - Sarah Kovich
4th - Chloe Carpenter
5th - Finn Shumway

8 & Under - Hunter Rudolph
2nd - Adam Forrester
3rd - Elsie LuBean
4th - Addy Ahl
5th - Lydia LuBean

9 to 11 - Maya Lowder
2nd - Bella Stouffer
3rd - Francesca Terrones
4th - Finn Shumway
5th - Haley Vickers

12 to 14 - Kate Bias
2nd - Kaitlin Smith
3rd - Avery Copa
4th - Alina Adams
5th - Ella Konency

15 to 18 - Elizabeth Sandy
2nd - PJ Heusted
3rd - Ashley Mahaffey
4th - Natalie Sanchez
5th - Grethe Steensgaard

OVERALL WINNER - Elizabeth Sandy

WINNER - Francesca Terrones
2nd - Finn Shumway
3rd - Hayley Vickers
4th - Maya Lowder
5th - Carmella Terrones

12 to 14 - Amy Kovich
2nd - Kaitlin Smith
3rd - Kate Bias
4th - Tanner Litts
5th - Shelby Forrester

15 to 18 - Andrew Kienholz
2nd - Aaron Mahaffey
3rd - Hunter Coss
4th - Natalie Sanchez
5th - Madeline Shumway



Art - Alina Adams
Crafts - Madeline Shumway
Creative Writing - Madeline Shumway
Photography - Haley Vickers
Woodworking - Dakota Wolfe
Educational - Kaitlin Smith

2016 ARBA Youth Contest Results

Youth Royalty Results

ARBA Queen

Emily Roberts (OR)


PJ Heusted - 1st Runner-up (WA)


Elizabeth Sandy - 2nd Runner-up (WA)

ARBA Duchess

Alina Adams - 2nd Runner-up (WA)


Kaitlin Smith - 3rd Runner-up (WA)

ARBA Prince

Finn Shumway - 3rd Runner-up (WA)

ARBA Princess

Isabella Stouffer - 4th Runner-up (WA)


Abby Forrester - 1st Runner-up (WA)

Achievement Contest

Junior District Winner

Isabella Stouffer (WA)

Intermediate District Winner

Sarah Kovich - (WA)

Management Contest


Amy Kovich - 2nd Runner-up (WA)

National Runner-ups Limited

Ella Konency - 2nd Runner-up (WA)

District Winner Average

Kaitlin Smith (WA)

National Runner-ups Average

Kaitlin Smith - 1st Runner-up (WA)

Sarah Kovich - 4th Runner-up (WA)

District Winner Unlimited

PJ Heusted (WA)

National Runner-up Unlimited

PJ Heusted - 1st Runner-up (WA)

Breed ID Contest

National Winner Senior

Elizabeth Sandy (WA)

National 4th Runner-up Senior

PJ Heusted (WA)

National 4th Runner-up Intermediate

Alina Adams (WA)

National 1st Runner-up Junior

Isabella Stouffer (WA)

Team Breed ID Contest

National 1st Place Team

Team Washington #1 Senor Breed ID
Kate Bias
PJ Heusted
Ashley Mahaffey
Elizabeth Sandy

National 2nd Runner-up Team

Team Washington #1 Intermediate Breed ID
Alina Adams
Ella Konency
Kaitlin Smith
Isabella Terrones

Judging Contest

Individual Intermediate

Isabella Terrones - 3rd Runner-up (WA)

Educational Exhibits

Art (Painting)

Melinda Piekstra (WA) - Natl Winner/1st Place Sr; Jessie-Lauren Parker (WA) - 1st Place Int

Crafts (Any Other)

Carmella Terrones (WA) - 1st Place Jr

Crafts (Needlework)

Isabella Stouffer (WA) - 1st Place Jr

Photography (Photo Series)

Carmella Terrones (WA) - 1st Place Jr

Photography (Photo - B/W)

Alina Adams (WA) - 1st Place Int


Sarah Kovich (WA) - 1st Place Int; Bailie Shultz (WA) - 1st Place Sr

T-Shirt Design - Participant

National 1st Runner-up

Melinda Piekstra

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