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Members in good standing of the WSRBA are entitled to a free e-mail listing on the WSRBA Website. Members are listed by State, Name, Rabbitry Name, City, and Breeds Raised. This is purely an opt-in program. In order to be listed or have your information updated, please fill out the simple
On-line Form located near the bottom of this page. E-mail lists will be updated monthly.

Join a club in your area. Identify a club near you. As an active member within ARBA District One, WSRBA invites you to check out the District One Website for all the latest information as well as the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. Website.

Alina Adams
Funsize Rabbitry MS, CG Black Diamond
Sherrie Anderson Soft Hop Mini Rex Rabbits MR Malaga
Janet, William, Jackson, and Kenlin Armstrong ML, ND Spokane
Lora, Violet, Joel, and Lucus Armstrong PL, PO Spokane
Betty Bogart Copyrights Mini Rex MR Centralia
Don Ballard
WSRBA Recording Secretary/Sweepstakes Chair
Ballard Bunny Barn HM, JW Everett
Josh, Maria, & Madelyn Benjamin Dutches of Duvallia/Cherry Creek Rabbitry DT, JW Duvall
Kathy, Kate, & Anne Bias Bias Bunny Bunch CA, HV Vancouver
Shelly, Steve, & Craig Boekenoogen Boek's Bunnies HM, HV Lake Stevens
Andrew, Tammi, & Max Bowman
Omega Rabbits ND Monroe
Tina Brooks
Brooks Bunnies Rabbitry Lake Stevens
Chloe Carpenter
Rainier Rabbitry ND, ML Monroe
Carrie Campo
Campo's Cottontails Rabbitry HL, AF Bothell
Alica Clevenger
Ron Colgrove R & M Rabbit Hutch ST, MS, R, MR, FW Mabton
Kylie Demeurers NZ Ritzville
Vicki Dills Too Much Dutch DT Moses Lake
Cathy Dunkle
ARBA Judge 841
PL, PO Spokane
Linda Everett LH, SA Newport
Ashley Felton
M an' M Rabbitry JW, SC Lake Stevens
Kody, Jeremy, Isobel, & Emma Friedrich
Nerd Girls Rabbitry AF, DH, JW Arlington
Robin Genova
Singing Sparrow Rabbitry FA, FG, PO Bothell
Jennifer, Aspen, Parker, C.Pierce Gibson Lazy G Ranch and Rabbitry JW Kennewick
Taylor Gibson Silhouette Shores HL Snohomish
Barry Graning ST Medical Lake
Jean Harris
District 1 Representative
NZ Naches
Nickole Hille Nickole's Bunny Barn HL, ND Yakima
Betty Heupel ND, PO Snohomish
John, Kristi, Alyson, & Kyla Holwege Ky's Krazy Rabbitry HV, MS, NZ, PO Enumclaw
Karin Husted The Kritter House PO Bothell
PJ Husted Racetrack Rabbitry MR, BV Bothell
Edward & Colleen Jensen Patos View Rabbitry and Hydroponics AS, SF Eastsound
Grace Jackson Brush Prairie Rabbitry CA, HV, NZ Camas
Andrew Killion, & Hailey Duell The Lop Barn DT, FL, HL Covington
Abigail & Elizabeth King
PH: 702-277-9171
A&E Funny Bunny Caboose ND West Richland
Ella & Shayla Konency K3 Lucky Finds Rabbitry HT, PO Vancouver
Denise Konzek
WSRBA Corresponding Secretary
Rocking K Rabbitry NZ, HV, FW Kennewick
Windy Negrete, James Konzek, & Anthony Negrete Rocking K Rabbitry NZ, PO Kennewick
Tom, Beth, Amy, & Sarah Kovich Farm Sisters' Rabbitry HL, DT, CV Woodinville
Jessica and Lindsey Kramme Lionheart Rabbitry JW, LH, HL, DH Granite Falls
Lori Larson Newman Lake
Tanner Litts ML, ND Spokane
Brandon Maher Maher Rabbits MR, ND, ST Pasco
Sue & Sophia Marchetti HL Monroe
Toshia McKelheer & Bob Duranceau Starlight Farms Rabbitry DT Snohomish
Rebekah McCort Bekah's Best Bunnies MS, ST Pasco
Michaelle & Randy Merkel Merkel's Farm CD Lynwood
Aggie Mowry
WSRBA Youth Chair
ND Richland
Debbie Nietzel Port Orchard
Cindy J Olds Olds Rex Rabbitry RX Cle Elum
Rikki Olson Raging River Rabbitry EA, RX Fall City
Robert and Sarah Peterson
ARBA Judge (Sarah)
Double Dutch Rabbitry /
Sporting Spots Rabbitry
DT, ES Renton
Bill Pongo & Laura Ashby Island Wonderz CD, EL, ND Camano Island
Maryann Preston
WSRBA Treasurer/Sunshine Chair
Preston's Pride Rabbitry FW, SM Moses Lake
Shelly & Genevieve Ramsey Ramsey's Rabbit Tree EL, SF Moses Lake
Brandie/Dalton/Amber Read & Travis Delamarter OE Read's Rabbits AS, HM Goldendale
Betty & Camden Reeves Reeve's Rabbitry RX East Wenatchee
Parker Reid Parker's Pals MR, PO, HL Marysville
Katelyn Roy Katelyn's Bun-Buns ES, FL, JW, SF Bothell
Kevin Rudolph
ARBA Judge
Rudolph's Rabbitry HL, MS Tacoma
Liz Sapp Sapp Satins ST Pasco
Tracy Schneewind Snowy's Holland Lops HL Port Orchard
Julie Sennes
ARBA Judge
TH, SF, BP, MS, HL, AB Chehalis
Bailie Shultz Three Tree Rabbitry EL, TN Renton
Christy, Kevin, Kylie, & Jordan Smith Book Bunnies AF, DT, ES Ellensburg
Michele Sonnenberg PO Moses Lake
Doug Sprague
ARBA Judge 772
Splithares Rabbitry ND, PO, FW, HV Veradale
Aaron Stahowiak The Two Tower's Rabbitry DT, ES, HM Bremerton
Isabella, Francesca, and Carmella Terrones Lucky 3 Rabbitry ML, MS Seattle
Dave & Kaye Thomson Thomson's Rabbitry CN Custer
Carrie Thompson & Greg Faw Silverwolf Rabbitry RX, SL, NZ Port Orchard
Michelle Uptagrafft
ARBA Judge
Valerie Uptagrafft
ARBA Judge
Champion Ribbons
Moonlite Bunny Ranch AFL, JW, HL, EA Spokane
Bonnie Varner Bonnie's Bunny Ranch FG, NZ, CA Spokane
Nicole Velotta
ARBA Registrar
Velotta's Rabbitry ML, SM Snohomish
Marilyn Waddington Rocking W Rabbitry SF Yakima
Callie Weber CG, ND, TH Enumclaw
Dennis Earl Welch Sr Welch's "Cascade" Rabbitry FW, DH Randle
Arlin "Sue" & Rowann Wetzell
WSRBA President (Arlin)
ST Rockport
Mary Whitney
WSRBA Director
ARBA Judge 955


Melody Wicks
Sunset Rabbitry CN, ND, NZ Camano Island
Riley Whitney High Point Family Farms Rabbitry NZ

Bob & Cheryl Wilkinson Bob & Cheryl's Rabbitry HT, ST Kennewick
Anni Wilson Seawind Rabbitry NZ (Red, Brkn), BV, CD, CR Camano Island
Andrea, Amelia, Gabby, & Elsie Wright Wright Place Rabbitry EL, FL, HR, HM Woodinville
Randy Cler
ARBA Rabbit/Cavy Judge 840
All I Saw R Rabbits & Cavies Wasilla
Jack & Helen Eden FL, CN Corvallis
Kathlene, Madeline, Finn, & Emmett Shumway Valier
Don & Judy Atchison Judon Rex Rabbits R, MR Glide
Bob Birman The Satin Hutch MS, RX, ST Warrenton
Becky Holderman Southfork Rabbitry DH Melton Freewater
Brenda Colfelt Meyers & Claire Meyers Under the Cedars Rabbitry HM, PO, ST Hood River
Kathy Tellechea KT's Bunny Barn MR Lexington
Bonny Wagoner Urban Rabbits TN Columbia City
Larry & Sharon Webb MS, ST Oregon City
Bob & Carol Woodson Woody's Wabbits Commercial Vendor Astoria

* Unrecognized breed

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WSRBA Affiliated Clubs

Great Northwest Show Group
Secy - Laura Vallieres
3330 193rd Pl SE
Bothell, WA 98012

Inland Empire RBA
Secy - Coleen Hancox
22101 W Jacobs Rd
Spokane WA 99224

Northwest Rabbit Breeders
Secy - Jessica Kramme
207 Angeline Ave
Granite Falls, WA 98252

West Puget Sound Rabbit Club
Secy - Barbara Hitchner
12511 Old Military Road NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Central WA Rabbit Club
Secy - Patti Cheek
930 Poplar Avenue N
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Rada Rabbit & Cavy 4-H
Secy - Kelsi Ramos
8109 W. Grand Ronde Ave
Kennewick, WA 99336

Ranier Rabbit 4-H Youth Club
Secy - Kayla Fly
Kennewick, WA 99336
Pacific, WA 98047

Tri-Cities Rabbit Association, Inc
Secy - Denise Konzek
627 S Union
Kennewick, WA 99336

Yakima Valley Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
Secy - Marilyn Waddington
3113 Brownstown RD
Harrah, WA 98933

Woody's Wabbit

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